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Updated Position Statement on Coronavirus - 13/05/2020

Updated: May 13, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic grows in the UK, businesses and individuals are changing their practices and lifestyles to consider the welfare of those more at risk, the economy and the under-pressure NHS.

Here at Go For Walkies, we need to consider our own welfare, the welfare of our clients and be responsible in our working practices.

This week we were urged by the Prime Minister to start to return to work. The guidance around this is quite complex when you actually get down to the nitty gritty. To make sure this is done as safely as possible we will be conducting a phased return to work, unfortunately this will mean will not be able to offer the capacity in which we were when the outbreak started. It has been a difficult decision to reopen and a lot of thought has gone into how we can stay open to help those who need us the most, meaning no one will have to travel home from work at lunch, therefore we are keeping road users and public transport to a minimum as well as ensuring no one is forced to leave their dogs for any extended period of time, that could be detrimental to their health.

Jayni, Fiona and Jess will be returning to work from Monday 18th, Nathan will be returning once the schools reopen.

We will be following the guide that the Canine and Feline Sector Group set out, with some slight changes for added protection.

Here is the plan for returning to work on the 18th:

- Our dog walking service will be open to those that have to go back to work and unable to work from home or are unable to walk their dogs due to health reason.

- Social distancing will be kept while in homes if there is someone in, so please avoid coming within 6ft of your walker.

- A certain walker is not guaranteed at this time, all of our walkers are well trained and first aid trained.

- Equipment could have the ability to transfer the virus. We will therefore be using our own leads. If anyone does have spare leads that we can use and keep in the van until this is over, please let us know.

- Disposable gloves will be worn from leaving the van until your dog is out of the house, at which point they will be rinsed using our MudBuddy system or dog friendly soap and water spray with cloth (solution as per CDC guidelines - this does not kill the virus but removes them from the surface, where it won’t survive in the sunlight). They will then go into the van as usual.

- While on walks, unless we are on a secure field, your dogs will have to remain on lead.

- When returning your dogs, disposable gloves will again be worn and your dogs will be rinsed before they enter the house. We will also rinse down any equipment they are wearing.

- We are currently trying to source face masks to be worn while in homes.

- Dogs from homes where there is suspected COVID-19 will not be suitable for group walks.

- If a dog is not suitable for group walks, a solo price is applied.

- Our van will be cleaned internally at the end of every day.

- This is a reminder that your dog will need a tag on by law - which is to include your surname, house number, post code and telephone number. This is even more important now and we will be unable to walk any dogs that don’t have them.

- If you have any of the symptoms of COVID-19 (which can be found here: - please get in touch and we will make arrangements where possible.

- If any of our walkers show any signs of coronavirus, then we will be following the government advice to self quarantine for the recommended period.

It is imperative that all clients and walkers remain vigilant and thoughtful during this time to minimise disruption.

Should you wish to remind yourself of our terms and conditions, please do so here:

Please look at handover guide we are requested to use:

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