Position Statement on Coronavirus

As the COVID-19 pandemic grows in the UK, businesses and individuals are changing their practices and lifestyles to consider the welfare of those more at risk, the economy and the under-pressure NHS.

Here at Go For Walkies, we need to consider our own welfare, the welfare of our clients and be responsible in our working practices.

By the end of this week, we will be taking the following actions:

- Hands will be cleaned with hand sanitiser (if we can ever get any!!) before entering and when leaving homes or disposable gloves will be worn while in your house then disposed of.

- Equipment could pose the ability to transfer the virus, we are asking that we have separate equipment to what you use. If you have any spare harnesses, leads, collars and head collars, please let us know and leave them out. Where possible, please leave your dog “naked” with no collar or harness on for when we arrive. We will keep the spare harnesses, collars and leads in our vans. Please note that all equipment will need a tag on by law - which is to include your surname, house number, post code and telephone number.

- If you have any of the symptoms of COVID-19 (which can be found here: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/ - please get in touch and we will make arrangements where possible.

- If any of our walkers show any signs of coronavirus, then we will be following the government advice to self quarantine for the recommended period.

It is imperative that all clients remain vigilant and thoughtful during this time to minimise disruption. The impact on small business during this virus could have very detrimental effects. Where possible, and until the Government provides alternative measures, we would like to continue walking all our regular dogs. Changing their routine could add to their stress.

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