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3 Types of Reward Training

There are several different types of training that are used for dogs. Reward based training has been proven to be the best type of training, and has the longest lasting effects, is a good source of mental stimulation for dogs, allows them to enjoy training and creates better bonds between them and their owners.

There are several ways to approach reward based training, personally, I use all 3 types with my dog for different training activities.

Here is the list of reward based training:

Click or marker training: For sit, once the dogs bum touches the floor the click or marker is presented. Prior to this the clicker or marker must be reinforced with praise or treats.

Lure to reward: This is using food to make the dog move its head, for sit you would lift the food up from in front of the dogs nose, once the dogs head tilts back it will sit.

The third method is compulsion and praise: for sit, you would physically push the bum of the dog down, once the bum touches the floor reward and praise.

The following blog posts will include different methods, of training different tricks and manners using all 3 types of training.

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