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As the COVID-19 pandemic grows in the UK, businesses and individuals are changing their practices and lifestyles to consider the welfare of those more at risk, the economy and the under-pressure NHS. 

Here at Go For Walkies, we need to consider our own welfare, the welf...

As mentioned in our previous article, puppies have no idea what we are saying, they have never heard the English language before, and are still learning. They dont understand the rules of living with humans in a house.

So the question is, how do we house train a puppy?


When thinking about a new puppy, there are a few basic questions that you need to answer before diving in. These questions can really help a prospective owner decide on which breed will suit them the best. 

1. What are the traits and personalities of the breed I am look...

Most dog owners can read the basics of what their dog is telling them, using the dogs body language. For example, we most likely know when our dog wants to play with either us or another dog as they will "play bow", where their front end will go down in a bowing motion...

In my earlier blog post, we touched on different ways to reward a dog. However, just because a dog loves treats and attention inside, this might not be the case outside. 

Imagine you are heading down the usual route to the field where your dog plays, what is your dogs b...

Have you ever wondered why your dog jumps up when someone comes in the house despite being constantly told off and pushed away? This is an extremely common problem with dogs that many owners struggle to get to grasps with, but to understand why dogs continue to do this...

There are a lot of stories and old studies around dog behaviour, some of these are true, however some of these are completely false. Here are a few of the most common ones: 

1. "Down" and "Sit" are easy to teach as these are natural behaviours. In one sense, yes they ar...

There are several different types of training that are used for dogs. Reward based training has been proven to be the best type of training, and has the longest lasting effects, is a good source of mental stimulation for dogs, allows them to enjoy training and creates...

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