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Here you can find the terms and conditions for our current offers

50% Off Group Walks for First 2 Weeks

 - Applies to new customers only

 - Available for 1 dog within each household

 - Only available for 1 hour or longer walks

 - Only available with a monthly booking

 - Payment for first month upfront

 - Dogs must be suitable for group walks and complete assessment 

 - Subject to availability 

 - Offer will not be available when there is more than 2 dogs from the same household within the group walk. 

Cancellation Policy 

 - You will be eligible for a weekend if you cancel at any time with 7 days notice.

 - You will be charged for any walks booked within the 7 day period. 

 - If you cancel within the first month you will be charged full price for the first 2 weeks and the offer will be cancelled. 

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